Rides to the Polling Place

Voters who need transportation to the polling place are encouraged to contact family, friends or neighbors. Voters may also contact political parties, which sometimes provide rides. Persons transporting voters to the polls must not in any way try to induce or persuade voters about their candidate or ballot selections on Election Day (Minnesota Statutes 211B.11, Subd 3).


Free Public Transit on Election Day 
Minnesota public transit providers must offer regular, fixed-route transit service free of charge on the day of a General Election (Laws of 2014, Chapter 312, Article 11, Sec. 39 ). Free transportation will only be provided on regular fixed-route transit (meaning service in which vehicles operate on an established route and schedule).

Paratransit services such as Metro Mobility, as well as dial-a-ride and deviated-route services in non-urban areas, are not required to offer free transportation on Election Day. Regular, fixed route transit is offered in the communities listed below.


Metro Area

Greater Minnesota