Absentee Ballot Confidentiality Notice

Access to the data on a voter’s absentee ballot application and absentee ballot signature envelope is restricted to election officials prior to the close of voting on Election Day.

However, the list of those with accepted absentee ballots are public information following acceptance. In addition, the list of those who applied for and submitted absentee ballots, and the absentee ballot applications and envelopes, are public information after the close of voting on Election Day. This does not include the month and day of birth, driver’s license, state ID or Social Security numbers, which are required in order to match the signature envelope to the absentee ballot application, to verify that the absentee ballot is received from the voter who made the application.

A voter may refuse to provide this information, but refusal to provide the information may result in rejection of their ballot under Minnesota Statutes, section 203B.121 and may prevent them from checking on the status of their absentee ballot online.