Voter Confidentiality Notice

Access to the data on someone’s voter registration application is restricted to elections officials and those who request the data for political, law enforcement and jury selection purposes.

If a voter’s contact information should not be public for personal safety reasons, they can ask to have their information removed.

The following data about registered voters may be publicly available:

  • Voter's name
  • Voter's address
  • Voter’s phone number (if provided)
  • Voter’s year of birth (but not month or day)
  • Dates of elections the person voted in
  • Method the voter used to vote (at the precinct or by absentee ballot)
  • The voter’s precinct information

The following data is private and is not available to the public:

  • Month and day of birth
  • Driver's license or state ID number
  • Social Security number
  • Voter's email address (if provided)

If a voter does not have a Minnesota driver's license or state ID number, both state and federal law require that the voter supply the last four digits of their Social Security number (unless they do not have one). This partial number may be sent along with the voter’s name and date of birth to the Social Security Administration, via the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, to verify their identity.

If a voter possesses a Minnesota driver’s license, state ID, or Social Security number, but does not provide it, their application may be considered incomplete and may not be processed. The voter’s local election official may contact them to try to obtain one of these numbers. If they do not provide one, they may be required to complete a new voter registration application or show ID at their polling place before being allowed to vote.