College Students

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Where to Vote: Campus or Hometown? 
As a college student, you must decide whether to vote from your hometown address or your campus address. You may only vote from one address in each election. If you are already registered and are unsure which address is being used for your registration, check your status.

Vote from Your Minnesota Hometown Address

Vote from Your Minnesota Campus Address

Vote from a Campus Outside of Minnesota

  • If you are attending a college or university outside of Minnesota and want to register from your campus address, contact that state’s local government or visit the Election Assistance Commission at and click “Register to Vote.”

Students Studying Abroad Can Vote 
If you are out of the country or studying abroad during an election, you can still vote. Learn how to vote absentee from overseas.

Become an Election Judge 
As a Minnesota resident, you are eligible and encouraged to serve as an election judge. Election judges are paid to serve in the over 4,100 polling places in Minnesota. Serving as an election judge is a great way to get involved with the electoral process and make a difference in your community.