Voters Who Are Homeless

People who are homeless may register to vote by using the location of where they sleep as their address. This could be a shelter, a friend's place or outside. If it is outside, the voter should write a description of its location on line four of their voter registration application. For example, "In the NW corner of Jefferson Park near the intersection of Winston Ave. and Smith St."

If the voter receives mail somewhere else, such as P.O. Box or at a friend’s address, they should write it on line five of the registration application.

Voters who pre-register to vote using an address of an outdoor location will have their record "challenged" because the county could not confirm a specific address. At the polling place, these voters may need to confirm where they live and swear that they are eligible to vote.

Voters living in a shelter on Election Day can receive help from shelter staff in registering to vote.