Report a Potential Violation

If you believe someone has violated Minnesota election law, you will need to provide information to the proper authorities. Use the State Election Law Complaint Form (PDF) to help you organize the information that you know. You will need to swear that, to the best of your knowledge, your allegation is true.

Allegations of intentionally deceiving a voter should be reported to your county auditor or municipal clerk. They will provide you with the correct information and may also forward information about the alleged violation to the media and your county attorney. (Minnesota Statutes, section 204C.035 Subd. 2)  Find contact information for your county with the Election Official Directory.

Violations of other laws should be reported to your county attorney. Note: Documents submitted to the county attorney should be notarized.

For challenges to a voter's eligibility, you will also need to state that you are basing the challenge upon your own personal knowledge. Challenges to a voter's eligibility made before Election Day must be made by a voter registered to vote in the same county as the voter whose eligibility is being challenged. (Minnesota Statutes, section 201.195, Subd. 1)

A law enforcement agency that receives an affidavit alleging improper registration or eligibility to vote must promptly investigate and decide whether there is enough evidence to bring criminal charges against anyone. (Minnesota Statutes, section 201.275) Only a judge or jury can then decide if a person has violated the law.

If you don't know who your county auditor or county attorney is, you can fax the form to the Secretary of State at (651) 296-9073 and it will be forwarded to the appropriate county office.